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alpha cruxis: quietly dramatic geometric bags

December 6, 2013

I have literally wanted to write about these geometric leather bags from Australian designer Rebecca Martin of Alpha Cruxis for months now. I first saw them back in September – and then proceeded to keep them on my “to-talk-about” list for the next three months. To me, these bags are brilliant in the simplicity and starkness of their designs. Like most other human beings, I find the neatness and symmetry of geometric shapes to be very pleasing, so in a way, they are appealing in a very primal way.

Now based in Berlin, Rebecca interned for reputable Danish fashion house Barbara i Gongini before starting Alpha Cruxis in May 2013. All of her bags are 100% hand-made at her studio, which would explain the rather steep price range of €177 to €486. Made with 3mm thick leather that is typically used for belts and saddlery, the all-black collection features semi-rigid forms, pig suede lining and silver hardware.

As the entire process of making these bags are done by hand, stocks are limited. However, even if an item is marked as “sold out”, you can still contact Rebecca to place an order and it would be shipped within 14 days of order confirmation.

My favorite of the lot is the Square Gem Shoulder Bag, but I am also very partial to the Hexagon Clutch. At this point, I wish that Santa Clause is real.

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red, red lips

July 17, 2013

I am so determined to wear red lipstick right now. (But it will probably wear off by the next morning. I really should get some will power.)

[Picture via Krisatomic]

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inflatable toy animals

July 10, 2013

I’ve stopped reading fashion magazines for a little while – except for the occasional Vogue and the exotic foreign magazines I picked up on overseas trips – because after a while, they all look the same. The photo spreads, the clothes and the models blend into one another and it can get kind of tiresome.

This shoot of Crystal Renn on LA’s Zuma Beach by Hunger is the first to catch my attention in months. Perhaps because inflatable toy animals are one of those things that human beings find extremely hard to grow out of.

The swimsuits featured in the shoot are also hugely pleasing – not that I will ever do them justice considering how I have the body of an adolescent boy – but no harm has ever done by just looking at images on the computer screen. [Or maybe, it has, like when you see a glorious, over-priced something at an online store with free shipping and you cannot find that iron will you have always thought you have to close the window and walk away.]

My favourite shot is the one with the elephant (above) – which is yours?

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tokidoki x karl lagerfeld

July 3, 2013

The tokidok x KARL LAGERFELD collection has just launched exclusively on NET-A-PORTER.COM and I found myself in desperate want of this figurine of Kaiser Karl and his beloved kitty Mr. Choupette. I can already see it sitting on my bookshelf, looking down at me in a delightfully aloof manner.

The rest of the collection consists of more practical items like T-shirts, tank tops, leggings and an iPhone 5 case, many of which are covered with the fun, cartoon-like illustrations that Italian artist Simone Legno has created for the collaboration.

Personally, I really like this “Super Karl” tank. [After all, he is kind of a superhero, in the fashion universe, at least.]

I am quite sure that the limited edition collection will sell out pretty quickly, so if you have your heart set on anything in it – or if you are just a die-hard fan of Uncle Karl – you really should be clicking on that “add to shopping bag” button right now.

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one-piece wonders

July 2, 2013

These days, I find myself veering towards one-pieces (playsuits or jumpsuits) when I’m out shopping and when I am just browsing the limitless retail heaven that is the internet. For years, I always zoomed in on the dresses because they are simply the easiest thing to wear – for those days (which is most days) when you don’t have the time or energy to pick out separates for mixing and matching, it helps to have enough dresses in your wardrobe to pick from.

But now, I often choose jumpsuits over dresses. Style-wise, they have all the merits of dresses but with the added practicality of shorts and pants. While they are traditionally made for more casual affairs, I find that they can do very nicely for more formal events as well. For instance, details like collars, buttons (down the front or back) and long sleeves can make one-pieces an unconventional but fashionable choice for fancy parties and even weddings. There is no reason to fade into the sea of little cocktail dresses.

To prove this point, I will be wearing a playsuit to my best friend’s wedding next month. All the better to dance in – I have no idea if there will be dancing, but I really do hope so.

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livestream: burberry menswear s / s 2014

June 18, 2013

I’ve been away from the blog for a while – and the first post after a pause always seems kind of heavy with significance. Like a brand new something, even if it is not.

So I thought that starting off again with a live-stream show of one of my favourite brand would be fitting enough. Even when I sneak off to decidedly non-fashion places to do whatever people who are not caught up with the runway frenzy do, I still creep back to stare at the things Christopher Bailey does when he unleashes them each season.

The Burberry Menswear S/S 2014 runway show is set to begin in just under 4 hours and if you like, you can watch it right here.


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audrey hepburn, roman style

May 1, 2013

Isn’t it curious how every woman wants to be Audrey Hepburn, although she is not typically what a man will find irresistibly desirable? And what is it about her quirky, doe-eyed beauty that still fascinates so many years after her death? Strangely, I have been thinking about her (been meaning to watch Roman holiday again) when I came across these great snapshots of her in Rome, where she was living. Her style is quiet (mostly classic and feminine, at times boyish, always flattering), especially for the mega-star that she is. I particularly love how she aged so gracefully – no sign of any desperate attempts to hold on to a fading youth.

So yes, I want to be Audrey Hepburn. But don’t we all?

P.S. I think that her Yorkie, the brilliantly named Mr. Famous, must have been the true love of her life – he seems to be with her all the time.

(More of these on Vanity Fair)

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adorable animal sleep masks

April 6, 2013

You may already know that I have a thing for sleep masks (I can’t fall asleep when it is too bright). So when I stumbled upon these sweet animal-shaped sleep masks from Julia Wine last night, I was wondering how many I can get away with buying without looking like an obsessive lunatic. I have yet to decide on a concrete number, but it should be in the vicinity of a dozen. There is also a non-mammal, white cloud sleep mask, which I think is no less adorable than the others. What do you think – which one is your favourite?

They are priced at USD17, translating to just about SGD22.

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karl lagerfeld x melissa

April 5, 2013

Sweet edibles keep popping up in fashion these days. First, there is the Uniqlo x Ladurée collection of UT Tees. And then Kaiser Karl himself (“In fashion, don’t take anything too seriously.”) teams up with plastic footwear maven Melissa to create a irreverent collection that features the above ice-cream cone heels. I never though that dairy products and shoes have anything in common until now. From the looks of it, they are a match made in sartorial heaven.

They come in three colour schemes (black/magenta, white/mint, nude/magenta). I am not sure if they have already available at the local Melissa flagship store, its really not too much trouble to drop by Wheelock Place and find out. If eating an actual ice-cream cone goes straight to your hips, why not just keep them on your feet?

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figosa’s handmade, vintage-style camera straps

April 3, 2013

I bought a new camera (which is a little bulkier than my previous point-and-shoot) some months ago and have been looking for a suitable (by that, I mean good quality and good-looking) camera strap ever since. I thought that I will invest in a nicely crafted leather one, but although I did come across some very handsome ones, they usually come with equally handsome price-tags and are out of my budget. Then I stumbled upon Figosa, a brand new camera strap-maker that hand-make their products in Italian leather.

The straps are not at all fancy (just how I like them) and come in a number of colour combinations – you can choose from Honey, Cognac, Brown & Black for the leather and pair it with either gold or silver hardware. Considering everything, I was more than a little surprised to find that it is priced at just 20 Euros (or about SGD33). The Figosa Etsy store just opened a couple of days ago on 1 April, so I suggest you make an order before everyone else find out about this little gem and jack the price up with their demand.

However, before you click on the “add to cart” button, do check with the Figosa team to find out if their straps are compatible with your camera model. (Even if they aren’t, I am quite sure that it is possible to make customised orders.)

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